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Chickasaw Housing Authority

Chickasaw, Alabama

Our Mission

The Chickasaw Housing Authority's goal is to provide drug free, decent, safe and sanitary housing for eligible families and to provide opportunities and promote self-sufficiency and economic independence for residents.

In order to achieve this mission we will:

  1. Recognize residents as our ultimate customer;
  2. Improve Housing Authority (HA) management and service delivery efforts through effective and efficient management of HA staff;
  3. Seek problem-solving partnerships with residents, community, non-profit organizations and government leadership;
  4. Apply HA resources to the effective and efficient management and operation of the affordable housing program, taking into account changes in Federal funding.

What We Do

The housing complex now known as Chickasaw Housing Authority (CHA) began life as war housing built during World War II to house military personnel. Following the war, the property and 600+ apartments, known as Gulf Homes, were turned over to the Mobile Housing Board by the Affordable Housing Administration (the predecessor of HUD). In the following years, the City of Chickasaw developed an interest in organizing a Housing Authority to take over Gulf Homes due to the fact that a substantial portion of Chickasaw's crime was originating from within the Mobile Housing Board property. In 1961, the Chickasaw Housing Authority was formed and assumed ownership of Gulf Homes. The Chickasaw Housing Authority sold most of the dilapidated war housing structures and by 1967 had built 288 units of new affordable housing, which are still in operation today.

Emergency Housing

Chickasaw Housing Authority does not offer emergency housing. Please contact these other area providers:


Please call the office ( 251.457.6841) during regular office hours if you have a personal complaint or regular maintenance problem. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday (call as soon as you realize you have a problem).

The following problems constitute an emergency which requires immediate attention after the office is closed:

  1. Electrical Failures (Check Breakers First)
  2. Sewage/Toilet Backing Up
  3. Toilet Not Flushing
  4. Damage Caused by Wind, Storm, or Fire
  5. Lack of Heat (Winter Only)
  6. Gas Leaks
  7. Apartment Flooding
  8. Unable to Secure Unit (Due to normal wear/tear ONLY)

The failure of your apartment's water heater or refrigerator, being locked out of your apartment, light bulbs out, toilet running, etc. (see Lease, Section VII, Part E) are NOT considered emergencies. Only work items that are an immediate threat to your health and/or safety will be responded to under the CHA's emergency work order policy. All other non-emergency call outs will be subject to a $100.00 callout charge. Response time will be at the discretion of the mechanic on call.

Please only use the Emergency Phone Number for Nights, Weekends, and Holidays.
Emergency After Hours Phone: 251.605.5367